A long a** update from beyond the grave – 17.10.2017

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Bought a nameplate for my door for some motivation. It gives a sense of professionalism to… the fact that I’m not even a debut author yet…

Greetings humans and aliens, if you actually follow this pet project, you’d notice that the template’s changed; hated the previous one. Now there’s a pretty cool sidebar that makes it look less half-a88ed baked.

I’ve been burned out from Camp NaNoWrimo/July’17, since… and then with university entrance exams from August/September. I’m in school now, but fret not, I sleep at 3/4am simply fixing up my lore and plans for the trilogy. I live two lives and have two names. I do regret listening to advice and using notebooks though because what I’ve realised is that it is way more efficient to organise everything into spreadsheets, rather than in pages with tons of sticky notes. Ink to digital conversions are just terri-bad.

Speaking of Ink to Digital, here’s one from 2016

Word count as of yesterday was 80K–which worries me a little because I’m still 70%-ish in and preparing for the final battle/curtain closer. Comparing myself to Blood of Elves, Lady of the Lake and Throne of Glass, that would mean more/less 45K words for a finale; though warning myself, Sarah J. Maas’s Afterword for ToG says that even it was too long to be accepted as a debut novel–not too keen on getting the same luck as she did; for ‘obvious reasons’.

Hopefully I can finish DRAFT-01 by 27.Nov.2017, and work on DRAFT-02 for 365 days. That’s all for now. Do check out the ‘home page’ on https://hksf-series.com/ and give me your support on my social media platforms.

Still deciding on whether to take part in the November NaNoWriMo Challenge–with school and all.

~ Minerva Marie-Sagan, 17.10.2017, 3:38PM
(Be advised; client location adjusted
Old Locale: Archipelago Republic of Philippine Peoples
New Locale: Strategic Island of Tropical Equatorial Singapore)

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