Anime Flashback – 19.10.2017

Well, it’s 2:41am here in Singapore, might as well give some love to you all with some insider, from the heart, ‘get to know the author’ stuff.

Well, first things first, I’m a realist. Now I’ve lost everyone’s attention, I can speak from my soul. I’m not qualified. For a person who is not studying a degree in Literature or English, but instead something Science-y-ish, I am extremely insecure about in my ability to succeed and achieve my goal of making the New York Time’s Bestseller list, let alone outside of South East Asia.

Even then, I have not read the grand classics like Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, or anything after the Philosopher’s Stone–this in irony that JK Rowling is my role model; it was the movies that roped me into her world first.

I mean, look at that hat.

I m a g e s.  Yes, images. Before the Hunger Games’ Trilogy roped me back into the world of books, I was a huge nerd for Pokemon and of course, Naruto. Anime. Animation from Japan.

I’m so sorry, I do not–
–know how to align images in WordPress

Avatar: the Last Airbender (not the horror movie) also ruled most of my teenage years; in it you will find asian themes and philosophies(that the movie butchered). The lore/world building was perfect. Nostalgia ends here before this becomes a list.

/*Blake x Sun OTP, yes?*/

RWBY from Roosterteeth is my latest obsession.

In school, I took a brief class in creative writing, a small spark to a failing amber. Between 2013/14 I wrote a shitty my first attempt at a novel. Dystopian. Well, the first chapter at least. Tldr; it was about an alternate Neo-Singapore made poor by the effects of the Krah Canal. Dark stuff. Tin foil hats for everyone. But very, very cool–until my younger sister said that the special exams I wrote reminded her a lot of Divergent’s, which I had not read. I read the first few chapters, and proceeded to burn the notes for the book. And then slammed my head on the table.

But I’ll give you guys the title of it:
GCE X-LEVELS: Princess of Clams. 

GCE X-Levels- Princess of Clams
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I took the PSLEs in Singapore, where I was born–I thought it’d be funny if every twelve/thirteen year old had their life careers decided purely on the result of the grades of the exam, both practical and theoretical. Without choice.

(I will release the charred remains of Chapter 01 on this website shortly)

I have tried times many times to revive Project DESTINY, but it’s just no fun. If you’re not having fun, don’t bother at all. Designation Exams Separating Talented Intelligent Normal Youths. DESTINY.

A year later, Project Veralisa was born. No longer the asian dystopia I forced myself to write in the ‘trends’ of that time, but a YA-Fantasy that would further evolve into the realm of Epic Fantasy. Out of necessity and passion. Because I found out about Japanese Light Novels (Anime, but in words). It was a new world. (Buying all the translations of (魔法科高校の劣等生 in Kinokuniya)

Here in South East Asia, there is no such way one can attempt to publish light novels–or turn your books into an anime. The best we can do is self-publish, or local-publish. And in my opinion, give more than your soul to try for the international stage.

I’m still here writing. Word and Excel open. Still alive, but barely breathing.
Met people with ideas, without words. Met people with connections, making their debuts a whole lot easier. And I have school at 8:30am. Project Veralisa is my heart, mind and soul’s anime; she is my daughter–I’m afraid of losing her. Am I fit to be a mother?

I don’t know where to go from all this–but forward.
Will you follow me into the abyss?
Will we be satisfied in the end?

“Keep moving forward.”

“Can you match my resolve? If so then you will succeed…”

In Memory of Monyreak “Monty” Oum
(June 22, 1981 – February 1, 2015)