Why fiction doesn’t sell in Singapore

The Aspiring Mangaka & Writers Club

When I say being a writer in Singapore is difficult, it is an understatement. And by this, I mean that being a spinner of fictional yarn in Singapore is almost, well, mission impossible.

But before I go into the “whys”, let me assure the readers that Singapore does have its iconic writers and publishing stars. Catherine Lim, Russell Lee, James Lee, and many others do make their mark as writers, poets etc.

But where are the writers of other genres? Where are the JK Rowlings, Stephen Kings, David Eddings of Singapore? Surely we have writers who can take on a similar mantle? Well, of course we do. But let’s not forget that these writers too have taken the long and hard journey to get to where they are today. If they have it tough in countries where fiction writing is slightly better off and profitable, imagine…

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